New year . . . . New goals to try and stick to!

1. Do more craft activities with Samuel – this should be easier now as for Christmas Samuel got a whole craft box full of paints, colours, paper, glue sticky things. 

2. Grow our own veg – this is dependent on Daddy making us a nice veggie patch area in the garden but fingers crossed.

3. Try and stay up passed 8pm more than twice a week to allow quality time with hubby – this may be a little difficult with a newborn due in March but I’m gunna try! 

4. Loose 2 stone for my best friends wedding in August – I’m not looking forward to trying to do this !!

5. Take more photos with my boys – I always shy away from the camera because I haven’t got make up on or I look fat. But I regret it when I struggle to find a photo of me and Samuel or a family photo of all three of us. 

What are you New Years resolutions? 


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