My morning of yo yo emotions!

I am currently suffering from (hypothetical) whiplash from the range of emotions I have had this morning. I’ve had to make myself a cup of coffee and eat a pile of biscuits just to recover!

It all started when Samuel woke up this morning!
 First emotion: Pure love as Samuel says ‘Hi Mumma’ as I go into his room this morning.

Second emotion: Anger/Sadness as Samuel hits me in the face while we wave Daddy off to work.

Third emotion: Pride as Samuel walks and talks the whole way from the car to my mums cafe. He then sits and eats his second breakfast really well! 

Fourth emotion: Embarrassment as Samuel lays down on the floor in the bank and won’t get up again.

Fifth emotion: Frustration/Embarrassment /Exhaustion as Samuel decides to get off the floor and instead run in circles around the bank as I waddle after him trying to catch him!

Sixth emotion: Anxiety as I try and get the ladder into the car without waking a sleeping Samuel.

Seventh emotion: Elation as I successfully transfer a sleeping Samuel from the car to his cot with out waking him!! 

No wonder us Mummies and Daddies are knackered at the end of the day !! 
How many emotions have you experienced today?? Let me know by commenting below. 


What have we done. . . How can I look after two babies? 

Ok so I’m having a little freak out, Christmas is over and my head is now full of EVERYTHING that needs doing before baby no. 2 is born in March.

To name a few that I still need to do: finish packing hospital bag, wash all Samuel’s old clothes, buy new clothes that are season appropriate, buy a car seat, fit car seat, de clutter the whole house ( because how are we going to fit another human in our little 2 bed semi), decorate our bedroom ( as this where baby will sleep for maybe up to a year?!).
All while my back feels like it is being punched by a heavyweight boxer, I feel constantly sick and every time I go up and down the stairs I end up having to have a 5 min rest because I’m so out of breath!

So this is what’s going round and round in my head at the moment, not to mention what am I actually going to do when the baby actually gets here. How am I going to split my time between a newborn and a toddler? Will Samuel accept the new baby? Will the housework ever get done? Will people think I’m a slob because the housework hasn’t been done? How am I even going to be able to leave the house with two children in tow?
Isn’t it crazy how many questions can be going round in your head
So for all the people who keep saying ‘are you excited?’ Of course I am but I am also quite concerned about the above!
Now I’ve had a chance to breathe and write down what I’m feeling, i know it will be ok. I may not get out of the house or even my pjs some days, the washing might pile up and the ironing will certainly pile up. But I will do the best for my boys and my husband and try not to stress too much when the housework doesn’t get done. ( I did say too much!!)
How did you manage when you went from one to two children ? If anyone has any tips please comment below 🙂

New year . . . . New goals to try and stick to!

1. Do more craft activities with Samuel – this should be easier now as for Christmas Samuel got a whole craft box full of paints, colours, paper, glue sticky things. 

2. Grow our own veg – this is dependent on Daddy making us a nice veggie patch area in the garden but fingers crossed.

3. Try and stay up passed 8pm more than twice a week to allow quality time with hubby – this may be a little difficult with a newborn due in March but I’m gunna try! 

4. Loose 2 stone for my best friends wedding in August – I’m not looking forward to trying to do this !!

5. Take more photos with my boys – I always shy away from the camera because I haven’t got make up on or I look fat. But I regret it when I struggle to find a photo of me and Samuel or a family photo of all three of us. 

What are you New Years resolutions? 

Our first Christmas at home 

We were adamant we wanted Christmas at home this year and invited my family over for lunch. This was met with some resistance, because who really likes change?, but I got my way in the end and ordered the turkey!
I don’t know why we didn’t do it before, I mean I get to do everything I love the most: plan, make lists, and stay in my lovely cosy home!! 
I was quite nervous about cooking my first Christmas dinner but lucky our friend is a chef so he gave me loads of tips. The best tip of all was ‘cook the turkey Christmas eve’ this was the best thing we could have done, it meant we didn’t have to get up really early to put the turkey in, and we didn’t have to keep nipping out to check the turkey. My husband decided that he had a sudden interest in cooking and like a real man took control of the turkey! Lifting it out of the oven for his weak and feeble wife and basting every hour! We prepared and par-boiled all the veg too. 
Christmas morning was lovely Samuel’s face when he came down and saw all the presents under the tree was one of confusion and excitement. It took ages to open his presents because he was playing with each and everyone of them after opening which made me shed a little tear. He was so pleased with all his toys.  

(Samuel playing with his tea set)

My mum and sister arrived for dinner and after a few pressie’s Samuel went in his cot for a 2 hour nap which was amazing this meant we could get dinner cooked for when he woke up. 

(Our family Christmas dinner)

It was such a chilled out day, all the preparing the day before was worth it! I would definitely do it the same next year.

(Samuel and daddy playing)

We even got out for a walk in the evening to see the Christmas lights around town and to have some tea with my mother and father-in-law.

All in all a pretty perfect day 🙂 

Forced relaxation 

Today was my glucose tolerance test appointment. Better known as ‘forced sit down on your bum and do nothing for 2 hours while we periodically stick needles in your arm’.

I’d been dreading this for weeks, not just because of the 3 blood tests but also the fact that I had to sit in the doctors surgery waiting room for over 2 hours! And not eat breakfast!

All was arranged my mum had turned up to look after Samuel, and off I went with my book ( there is no 3G or wifi at the surgery??!!) and my huge bottle of lucozade.
First blood test was horrible because I have rubbish veins that collapse at the sight of a needle.

I then settled myself into the waiting room for my hour long wait and began to read my book. Before I knew it I was 40 pages in and I was being called back into the surgery for my second blood test.

The nurse was on a roll and had found a good vein so this one was fine.

And I almost looked forward to my next hour of reading!

The next hour didn’t go as quickly because I was getting hungry and often found myself staring into space fantasising about croissants and pastries! But it wasn’t bad!

I did actually feel quite relaxed afterwards and I’ve now got into a really good book that I know I wouldn’t have started otherwise.

So if you have one of these test coming up, they aren’t as bad as they sound and it is nice to force yourself to sit down for a couple of hours and actually relax!

Getting out of a slump

So recently I've been in a bit of a ' I feel lonely, fat, sicky and sorry for myself' slump. It was due to a combination of things including: pregnancy hormones, cancelled play dates due to the dreaded winter tummy bug, hubby being away for work, family being very busy, and just me not feeling like going out and making an effort to see people. You know the usual!!

So this morning I thought right come on Jessica get yourself out of your pyjamas and go to that baby group you’ve been meaning to go to for weeks! It’s in the village I live, I can walk there and it’s free, so I had no excuse!
9:10am came and I got Samuel in the pushchair, bag packed and we left the house. I was so nervous walking down, and when I finally got there I was sweating and ready to run in the opposite direction! ( in a nervous sweater!!)
First mistake: I went in the wrong door! But I was met by a lovely man who showed me through to the baby group, he showed me where the tea and coffee was and another lady offered me a warm crossiant !!!
It’s always a bit awkward when you walk into a room where you don’t know anyone. For the first half an hour me and Samuel just played with the toys and I sat and drank my coffee, while all the other mummy’s who knew each other talked in their groups. But after a while people broke off from their groups and I started to talk to some other mummy’s and I met a lady who had a little boy the same age as Samuel and another on the way due in March, just like me!
There was also a music session at the end that Samuel loved.

We both had a lovely time, and when I got home I had renewed energy!
So the moral of the story is … if your feeling a bit down or lonely, get yourself out there and meet new people! I no it’s easier said then done but try. You’ll feel much better for it!
There’s a great group on Facebook if your local to Norfolk called get me out of the four walls Norfolk. They organise events and meet ups all around Norfolk, I haven’t managed to get to any yet but I’m keeping an eye out.



I hadn’t heard of Bookvent til my friend told me about it a month ago!

This year instead of a chocolate advent calendar, we are going to have Bookvent!

I’m putting together a selection of 25 books, each day I’ll let Samuel choose one of the wrapped books and we will have that as his bedtime story (and probably 3,4,5 times during the day !) 

To make this a bit cheaper I have been raiding my local charity shops, it’s amazing what you can find. Most of the books I’ve picked up are 25p or cheaper.

You can use any kind of books, but I have choosen to use Christmas and winter themed books. 

I’ve got 7 just 18 to go! 

You’ve still got time so what are you waiting for ! 

What Samuel’s reading

I’m please to say that Samuel still loves books, although when he is in a mischievous mood he does enjoy ripping books 😦 
Samuel will be 17 months at the end of October.

His favourite thing to do at the minute is to point at pictures in books and have us tell what it is, he is also getting good at pointing to animals and objects that we ask him to find. Especially tractors he loves looking at tractors!

Our top 5 books this month are: 

1. ‘I want my hat back’ by Jon Klassen published by walker books
I found this book thanks to ‘the tiny book club ‘ on Instagram I have been rubbish at getting the books on time to review them for the club but I love reading their recommendations. 
This is Samuel’s favourite book at the moment, the story is very simple and so are the illustrations but I think it’s a lovely book and very funny! 

2. ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell published by Macmillan 

This is a classic lift the flap book, Samuel like’s me attempting to think of animal sounds for a camel and giraffe! 

3. ‘Rain’ by Sam Usher published by Templar publishing 

I love the illustrations in this book they remind me of Quentin Blake’s illustrations.
This is Samuel’s second favourite book! We often have this one before bedtime.

4. ‘Bob to the rescue’ by James Bowen and Garry Jenkins published by Red Fox

This book is such a lovely heartwarming story, and a perfect bedtime book. The illustrations are again really good! I can’t wait for the movie! 

What books are you and your little ones reading at the moment ?

Pregnancy how it really is….well with me anyway!

So if you didn’t already know I’m pregnant! YAY babies,babies,babies I love babies! I’ve been feeling pretty ill and sorry for myself so this is my first post in a couple of months …

Ok I understand that being pregnant is amazing, you are growing another human being! I also understand I am very lucky to be able to get pregnant BUT . . . . . . . . . 
My husband will be the first to tell you I’m not very GOOD at being pregnant! I feel sick allllllllll day and go to bed at 8pm every night and generally gag at any food/perfume/cleaning product smell. 

Once I finally get over that, I go into a crazed cleaning/organising/buying frenzy! the house has got to be perfect for this new little baby, we defiantly need to paint the hall/bedroom/bathroom. 

I think the first 3 months of any pregnancy are the most exciting, scary and worrying times. You get the initial excitement, then you start to worry about what you should eat and stop doing, should you still work out? Should you still fly? Can I eat these prawns? And then after a few weeks it seems really real and you realise you have to give birth to this baby! And then you have to look after it! But I think the worst thing about the first 3 months or so is hiding it from everyone! We only told parents and a couple close friends when we found out, until we had the scan, just incase anything happened. But you feel like your lying to people, and I expanded at an alarming rate this time so it was quite difficult hiding my tummy! 
I am finally in the second trimester and feel a wave of calm has come over me, I feel a lot less sick, and we’ve had our 12 week scan! It was amazing, it’s just the most incredible thing, to see this little baby move about and see their heart beating. It makes it very real ☺️

What were your pregnancy highs and lows? Comment below.
I’ll keep you up to date with everything pregnancy related, especially lovely baby buy’s! 
Thanks for reading x

Mummy and Samuel’s walking adventures #1

Since Samuel started walking 3 weeks ago there has been no stopping him!
Our first walking adventure was down the ‘old railway line ‘ its just a 5 min walk from our house. My sister or ‘Aunty Annie’ as she more commonly known as, joined us for today’s adventure. 

The old railway line is beautiful and brilliant for little ones to explore! Samuel loved it.

Look mummy I found a stick 😊

I love mud!

Wait I found a bigger one!

As you can see we found lots of sticks played in the mud and ‘ran’ after dolly ( the dog!) 

Samuel walked about 3/4 mile which I thought was amazing, he then had a lovely nap in the pushchair. So all in all a great success.

I wonder where our next adventure will take us? 

What adventures have you had with your little ones?