Baby wearing … who new that was a thing!?

Well apparently lots of people!!

I didn’t discover baby wearing until Samuel was about 12 weeks old, I didn’t know much about it so I started with a generic baby borjn style carrier.

I loved carrying Samuel and it was great for beach walks, putting the washing on the line or if you needed to pop into a shop and didn’t want to lug a heavy car seat about!

After I’d been using the carrier for a few weeks Samuel started to get to heavy for it and it was really hurting my shoulders. I was really upset because I loved having him close to me,and it was so easy for food shopping when he was too small to sit in the trolley. Because there’s never enough of the trolleys that you can put the car seat on, and lets face it they are really difficult to steer when your on your tip toes trying to see over the car seat.

So in my despair I took to the internet typing different phrases into google ‘baby carriers for heavy babies’,  then I stumbled onto a baby wearing Facebook group and I discovered I was just using the wrong type of carrier. After lots of research and reading other people experiences and opinions I brought a Tula (I’d decided to go for a buckle carrier as I didn’t trust my wrapping abilities).

The carrier holds baby in a completely different position to most high street carrier you see. With most high street carriers, baby legs are dangling straight down. I now realise this isn’t a great position for babies to be carried in. Don’t panic though if you have one of these carriers because they can be adjusted with a simple scarf or piece of material to seat baby in a ‘M’ position (when facing towards you).


Pic from

With a Tula/connector/rose and rebellion and many other ergonomic carriers the baby sits in an M position.


2016-06-19 16.55.11


This position seems a bit strange to begin with, but once you get used to it you realise its a lot more comfy for you and your baby.

Both me and my husband can comfortable ‘wear’ Samuel now and he is 27lb!, we can even wear him on our back! This is great if its a bit windy, because he is sheltered behind you and all cuddled up close.


I love this photo!!

As much as baby wearing is great be warned you will end up walking with a ‘baby wearing waddle!’ or that’s what i like to call it. It almost looks like a child taking there first steps, because you are so cautious as to where your putting your feet so you don’t fall over with this precious baby in your arms. But don’t worry you’ll get used to it!

With baby number two I will be purchasing a stretchy wrap so I can wear them from a newborn. (not that i’m pregnant yet but i like a plan !)

With baby wearing you have to be careful not to overdress your baby, because they are cuddled up against you they get warm very quickly. Its suggested that you opt for lots of thin layers rather than one thick layer e.g not a snowsuit!

You can get lots of advice from:

  • Your local sling library, you can even try lots of different carrier styles on, and you can rent your favorite.
  • Your local baby wearing Facebook group, this is the Norfolk one: Norfolk baby wearing group UK   I found this very helpful.
  • This group Slings and Things- FSOT was also very helpful and there are so many mummy’s on here with amazing knowledge on a huge variety of carriers, but be careful you will get hooked and want to buy them all!!!!

Spread the word because it really is great and its lovely for you and baby and its never to late to start.


Sugar free pancake recipe

These pancakes are so easy to make and they are perfect for baby led weaning! With the endless variety of toppings you can use these are sure to be a hit with any little (and big!) fingers.



Pancake mix

600g plain flour

3 tablespoons of baking powder

2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda

1 teaspoon of salt (you can leave this out)

Pancake batter

200g of pancake mix

1 large egg

250 ml of whole milk



Pancake mix

Measure all the ingredients into a bowl and mix. Place them in an airtight container for storage (a kilner type jar is great for this).

2016-06-11 10.13.15

Pancake batter

Measure 200g of pancake mix into a bowl.

Add one large whisked egg.

Add 250ml of whole milk and whisk together.

Ladle (just under) one ladle full of mixture into the middle of a non-stick pan/griddle/frying pan or even a wok! (if your pan has lost a bit of its non-stick use a little coconut oil or butter)

Once the pancake starts to bubble, flip it over.

2016-06-11 10.23.06

Serve with anything! I love Bananas and honey (not suitable for under one’s)

Follow me for more sugar free recipes

Comment below with your favorite topping!


Cute baby noises and weird mummy imitations

As soon as Samuel started cooeing, googo and gaggaring me and Adam instinctively started imitating him he loves hearing us say the noises back to him and we have lovely conversations.

I only noticed the problem with this today!

We were having a normal lunch with two normal adults and my beautiful baby boy is sitting in his highchair stuffing his face with as much food as he can get his hands on! I’m having a lovely grown up conversation with one of the normal adult, when Samuel starts to make an ‘ooo GA’ followed by a ‘ha ha’ (everything is hilarious at the minute!!) so instinctively I repeat ‘ooo Ga’ ‘ha ha, is it funny Samuel’ whilst in deep normal adult conversation! No one said anything, they were far too polite (unlike me who interrupted our conversation to make weird noises) but they must think I’m a bit mad!

Even though I’ve only just noticed I must have been doing this for months, to many unsuspecting people.

I get so wrapped up in my little boy that even when I’m with a group of adults, if Samuel makes a noise, talks, claps, smiles or even moves, everything seems to stop and all I notice is him. He amazes me every day how one little baby can learn so much in his first year of life?

Please tell me I’m not the only one!


1st year survived, time for my first blog

Hi my name is Jess and I’m a first time mummy living in Norfolk, I have started this blog because I love being a mummy and I don’t want to forget anything about it.

I would love to reach some mummies and share my experiences, fails and occasional pearls of wisdom.

So here goes ….

Samuel is one year old, how on earth is that possible?! he was a tiny new born last month, well that’s what it seems like.

We decided to have a party, and at the time it did seem like to much work, we’d invite our family and friends and have an informal get together with a drink and some food. How hard can that be? well when you start to plan it quite hard!!

  • There’s invitations to write (or create on vistaprint and get them sent to you)
  • Guest list to write
  • Buffett menu to plan
  • Do I hire soft play?
  • Do I do party bags?
  • Would people expect table decorations?

So after my extensive planning, because I do like a plan, we had a guest list of 67 people and an extensive buffet menu and I was even contemplating hiring some soft play equipment.
I excitedly told my husband my plans and quickly realised if we were to cater for 67 people then I would have to tone down the menu and loose the soft play equipment ( the venue had some soft play toys and a lovely enclosed garden, and we all got a free train ride). We were on a budget after all.

Now if your planning on making a buffet for a party the most important thing is preparation. If you can pick most of your foods that can be prepared/baked 1-2 days in advance this is going to make the morning of the party a lot less stressful. We opted for quiches (baked 2 days before the party), potatoes salad, pasta and salad for the adults and sandwiches, cheese scones, veg sticks and fruit for the babies. I then baked 4 different types of cakes, opting for the quick to prepare and bake recipes, good ‘ole Mary Berry, I managed to get most of these done the day before during Samuel’s two naps.

After I got over the initial stress of the baking day on Saturday, Sunday morning (Samuel’s birthday and day of the party) was surprisingly calm, just the cheese scones to bake and sandwiches to make ( I’d recruited my mother-in-law and my grandma to help with some of the food) I love it when a plan comes together.

It was basically like doing a big cricket tea……unfortunately I have experience of this but that’s for another blog.

We had a lovely day Reepham and Whitwell station it was the perfect venue, the staff were lovely and all our family and friends felt so relaxed. We were so lucky with the weather it was a lovely sunny day, so we made the most of the enclosed garden.

Although we had a lovely day, and I love how funny and cheeky Samuel is at the minute, I was quite sad because it feels like I’ve lost my baby now.He has changed so much in the last few weeks and he is more and more like a toddler every day. He isn’t walking yet but he is very close, and he seems to becoming more and more aware of his own mind. I think he may be just as stubborn as his mummy and daddy!!

We are off to wells tomorrow, my mother-in-law has rented a beach hut for her birthday and all the family will be down there. This will be our first day trip to the beach (we’ve been on dog walks), I’ve got my list and the bags are packed so fingers crossed I haven’t forgot anything.

I’ll let you know how it goes xxx